Posted by: sandra | July 23, 2013

waiting for the fun to start…

Today is day one of the great (last for a long time) moves!

photo(8)We have five people here packing our goods…so my house looks like this…

photo(11)and then like this

photo(12)and now like this.

photo(16)I just have one question…when does the fun start?  It has been with the packing up.  Or the cleaning.  Probably not going to be with the loading of the truck…Do you think it is possible that it will come with the unpacking?

Because, I really want something


Our brown dog has managed to convince all the packers she is starving, and they need to share their lunch with her…

photo(10)And yes, she does have a handmade pillowcase in her crate.  Made from zoo fabric from the shop.  She’s not spoiled a bit…

It has taken me all day to write these few words.  Guess I’d better go focus on cleaning some more. (Not the fun part either).

Next week in Chesapeake,


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