Posted by: sandra | July 17, 2013

Next week!

Well, the packers come on Tuesday and the truck comes on Thursday!  I am now doing all those last minute tasks.  The list does not seem to get any shorter…

imagesYesterday I called to make arrangements to pick up my mammogram films…Hey, you are in luck, we have an opening tomorrow for a mammogram that you are due for!

Yes, I know it is important!  Yes, I’m going…but really…

In other news Brandy is healing very well!

photo(17)She is on crate rest for another 4 weeks or so.  (Yes, I know that she is not in her crate in that photo….don’t tell).  She is finally getting some fur growing back.  Of course, when we get to Chesapeake with the humidity, she might want us to shave her whole body.

Abby has been in Chesapeake for about six weeks now.

DSCN3862She has never lived with the heat and the humidity before.  She is not too fond of it…However, she has discovered squirrels!  (We don’t have any here in our yard).  Apparently she loves them!  Can’t wait to get her and Brandy together again in one house.  Not to mention my husband and I together in one house!

As for the shop, more new fabric was ordered yesterday!  Maybe in the next week we will see more goodies rolling in.  I can’t wait to get in the shop and start making kits and samples.  my mind is rolling with ideas!

I also heard that I begin work at the shop on

indexthat will give me a few days to unpack…

I am working hard to finish a couple of samples for the shop.  One project I have been working on a couple of years…and it is so close to being done!

I also finished the last of the seasonal banners, yeah!  Can’t wait to put them out in my new house!

photo(18)Back to that list…

See you soon, Sandra


  1. Woo hoo!!!! Excited your coming back.

    • Hey, come visit! Can’t wait to see you.

  2. Good luck with the move! I wish I was closer to stop in and say hi once you get back to the shop!

    • Hey Kim, Maybe you need a vacation to the beach…oh wait…you live at the beach.

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