Posted by: sandra | July 12, 2013

Wrapping things up

We closed on our house in Chesapeake today!  Yeah!

IS95iuu6x8mi6m0000000000(A view from the back deck).

The moving truck leaves here in just under two weeks!  Yikes.

The last week or two has had many farewell events!  It is so emotional to say goodbye to all the friends we have made over the last four years!

12499We will really miss our church family and friends!

Several of the ladies from church and I went out to lunch recently,  look at the fun tote bag they had made for a farewell gift!


Also, several different quilt groups that I belong to made farewell quilt blocks as a gift.  My mind is already going, thinking about how to put them together!

imagesI look forward to staying put for many, many years!

In addition to all of the goodbyes in the last weeks, we’ve still been wrapped up in our dogs recovery!  She had x rays this week, and thankfully she is healing!

photo(34)Hey mom, make sure you take a picture of my good side!  Her hair is starting to grow in…but it is still pretty pitiful!

Sadly, I’ve only spent a few minutes in my sewing room this month…I did get a little handwork done.  These are two little wool banners from a seasonal collection.


photo(36)Eleven of the twelve banners are now finished!  I am going to try and finish the last one this weekend!

The shop has a full collection of baby fabric and some coordinating flannel coming next week.

fi_0744-0126 Pretty Special Boy and Pretty Special Girl by Marcus Brothers.

fi_0744-0150A mixture of grays and pinks, aqua and yellows.  Got a baby quilt in your future?  This will be a fun collection to play with!

So, guess I’ll see you all in a couple of weeks!

Later, Sandra


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