Posted by: sandra | July 3, 2013

Hanging out with Brandy

Our brown dog is home after her second surgery.  For us, that means we are spending a lot of time just hanging out with her.

photo(26)She can get around some, but we need to keep her as quiet as we can for about 10 more weeks.

Most embarrassing for her…

photo(27)she has to wear two collars!  The typical clear plastic one, as well as the clown collar!  Don’t feel too sorry for her, as she is laying here waiting for a belly rub.

While hanging out I have done a LOT of handwork!

photo(28)I did all of the stitching on this block.

Plus, all of the stitching on these twelve blocks!




I also worked on something completely different!  Especially for me!

photo(32)Can you imagine I even own this fabric?  Each of the petals has been hand stitched to the background.  It has been quilted…but I have to work may way up to doing the binding.  I plan on binding it following the outer ring shape.  (Again, I used the Dream Fusion batting, which was great)!QDBATF61

An additional reason I got so much handwork done, is that I didn’t spend anytime  cooking.


Exciting news in the shop!!!

images76 bolts of cotton fabric arrived today!


5 bolts of minkee!

so, after you celebrate Independence Day


head over to the shop and check out what is new!

Gotta get back to hanging out with the dog…

Later, Sandra


  1. LOVE the Dream Fusion! Hope the puppy heals quickly 🙂

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