Posted by: sandra | June 26, 2013

Long Road to Recovery

Brandy, the brown dog, had her second surgery on Friday.

photo(7)It all went well, and she is playing it for all it is worth!

On the way home from the vet, I stopped for Starbucks (shock)!  She was laying on the floor in the back.  When I came out, here she was sitting in the front seat.   And quite pleased with herself!

photo(6)I don’t even want to think about how she managed it…

For the next 8-12 weeks she is on crate rest!  Wonder how that will work with the move next month…If she is quiet, she can lay outside of her crate.

photo(5)Notice the personal fan…the rawhide…can you say spoiled?

In anticipation of this time…I prepped a LOT of handwork!  Twelve wool blocks.


A couple of cotton and wool blocks.

photo(23)And only one more of these blocks to stitch!!!

photo(22)I won’t mention the panic as I looked for the missing block.

Abby, the black dog, has gone to live with grandma in Chesapeake.  Just until I get into town.

IMG950277She wants to know why it is sooo hot and humid there?

So, any ideas what I can do with all of the hardware from Brandy’s first failed surgery?  I wonder if Pinterest has any great ideas…


Well, off to do a little stitching…

Later, Sandra



  1. I’m with you Abby , what IS up with the heat !! Brandy my dear timing is everything , looks like Mom isn’t holding any grudges tho .. good Mommy

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