Posted by: sandra | June 19, 2013

Moving to Australia!

Have any of you read the book Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day?

indexIn the story, the young man has a kids version of a day from @#$% and decides to move to Australia to get away from all of it.  Well, I have had the adult version of two weeks from @#$%.  I have decided to move to Australia to get away from it all!

imagesOr, perhaps New Zealand.  I’ve heard they have a lot less venomous creatures then Australia.

Square(pretend there is a picture of a snake in the above box)…

Now, it is not that everything has gone wrong…we did close on our house here on Tuesday!

But, we’ve have had way too many intense issues to deal with!

About the only piecing I have done is putting together these yo yo blocks.

photo(10)Can’t even think about borders right now…But, they will be fun to play around with later.

I have done quite a bit of handwork…

photo(11)Why, because you can do handwork at the docs office…at the vets office…and while sitting with this one…

photo(9)Did you know your dog could break two legs?  Did you know a dog can have a form of brittle bone disease?

Well, now you do.  The book says, you can have bad days, even in Australia…So, perhaps there is no answer there after all.

Now, back to ebay.  More cleaning out of quilts and supplies.  Have to offset my dogs medical bills!

Hope you are all having a better week!

Later, Sandra



  1. Oh My!!! i was on the phone with Jenny listening to her bad day when i read this…shot her day right down 🙂

    • I don’t want to be in a competition!!!! Jenny can have it all!! How’s it going for you?

  2. Boo hiss! Poor baby, what a painful week!!!! And your week sounds bad too…better times ❤

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