Posted by: sandra | June 8, 2013

If this is Saturday this must be Christiansburg…

and what happened to Virginia Beach????   Oh, I’ve been there and back…

What a whirlwind couple of weeks my life has been!

Holly has been busy, busy, busy!  Rearranging the store, and wow it looks great!

And because everything happens at once, our blog site is not able to upload pictures right now!

She brought lots of quilts and patterns from Jaybird quilts!

We have the newest patterns from Atkinson Designs.

The newest patterns from Cluck Cluck Sew.

Lots of samples from Primitive Gatherings, along with patterns and kits!

Also, we gathered about 35-40 different shop samples and put them out for sale.

Pincushions, tote bags, wool mats, table runners and quilts!  They are all scattered about the shop and clearly labeled with a price.

imagesGreat for gifts, great for yourself…

You will have to come in and see all of the new things in person!

Oh yeah…and because everything happens at once we are under contract for a house in Chesapeake!

IShb4qp3s4q7nm1000000000Come in and see Holly, she’ll be in town a few more days!

Back soon with photos!

Later, Sandra


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