Posted by: sandra | May 17, 2013

To Market to market

Today is the opening day of spring International Quit Market.


This year it is in Portland, Oregon.

imagesPortland, was the first quilt market I ever went to…in about 1992 or so…

Sadly, this year we are not at quilt market.  The only market I am ‘enjoying’ is the housing market in Hampton Roads.  I spent three days looking at houses in Chesapeake.

Loved the outside of this one.


Loved the inside of this one.

ISl6vah404xqa41000000000Did not find the perfect combination, yet…I will be back in a couple of weeks to look at more houses.  Timed perfectly with the birthday/anniversary celebration at the shop!  What a coincidence…

But, back to quilt market…when market ends we will be seeing lots of new things!  Books, fabric, patterns, fabric, notions, fabric…

Last night we put in a preorder for many new quilt books that are being released this weekend!

300Love the work that Camille does, can’t wait to see her new book!

Funny to think that her mom, Bonnie, was popular in the 90’s with these wooden dolls!  Can’t even guess how many of these I made at that time.  They were so popular in the shop I worked for!  Anybody remember these?

imagesEven Bonnie must laugh, looking at what she does now!

175you’ve come a long way…baby…

Also, been busy choosing items for the Primitive Gatherings trunk show!  Lisa has lots of new wool and cotton items at market this weekend.

aSnowflake_Garden_PhotoWe won’t be able to get samples of the newest items, but we will have patterns!

Just looking at their  booth photos makes me swoon!


Oohhhhh and aahhh!

20130423-090847I have actually done a little bit of sewing today!  I started working on Suburbs by Cluck Cluck Sew.  It is going together so very easily!

300I will bring it to the shop for the birthday event.  You’ll want a pattern too!  The shop has lots and lots of  Cluck Cluck Sew patterns and samples on display.

Well, back to looking at house photos.  Anybody know of a great house for sale let me know.  Or, if you know of a vet clinic looking to hire…my daughter has experience…

Later, Sandra

PS  Congrats to Holly and Levi and all the family!







  1. You should look in Norfolk…and open a franchise in Ghent!

  2. What experience does your daughter have in veterinary medicine? How would one contact her about that?

    • Hello,
      After much deliberation my daughter has decided to join us in Chesapeake. If you want to email me privately at I will pass on her contact info.
      Thanks, Sandra

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