Posted by: sandra | May 1, 2013

What does ‘modern’ look like?

Yesterday, 17 of us spent a wonderful day touring around western Virginia.

0648 JcE  Hoover 2013

Here we are, all fresh and excited!  We rented a 15 passenger van, plus a minivan.

First stop, Sew Many Quilts in Covington, VA.  About a 2 hour drive.

photo(6)This was the first quilt shop that I have been to that is totally, truly, modern!  Let me show you what a modern shop looks like!


Old favorites


new color ways


simple designs


bright fabrics


new twists


on old favorites


vivid colors


bold designs!

Well, what do you think?  Can you imagine Stitch ‘n Stuff looking more like this?

0675 JcEw  Hoover 2013

After 3 hours we were not quite so fresh…but excited!  Look, even I have a big bag of goodies!  Who’d have thought…

A wonderful lunch, another shop or two, and we ended at


Yes, this is just what you think!


A life size replica of Stonehenge-made in foam!  It is even astronomically correct!

0714 JcE  Hoover 2013

It was late in the day now and we were getting pretty silly!

I guess we could call this modern too!  A new twist on something old…

Later, Sandra



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