Posted by: sandra | April 26, 2013


In my sewing room I have this Winnie the Pooh stuffed bear among my things.


On the hang tag it says, “Being busy is overrated if you ask me”.  Love that little guy, but I’ve never been very good at ‘relaxing’…Sitting still is not my strong suit!

Last Friday my husband brought home the Accu Cut (die cut machine) from the shop.  Since then I have been crazy, obsessed with it!!!

imagesAdd in that my daughter was in Chesapeake for several days, I never had to leave my sewing room!  Our intent is to have lots of store samples to show you what you can do with this machine.  (You can rent the machine by the hour).  Also, we will have some precut kits available!  Let me show you a little of what I have been working on.


A few baby things, I love that dog!


A few floral things…


How about something from wool and flannel…


This is the tumbler block, ready to be pieced into an American flag.


This tree is made from a feather die…


Or use the tumbler block to make a Dresden plate design.


Or, my favorite so far…

DSCN5831Entirely cut out with dies!  So fast and so easy!

I think I will keep the machine another week or so.  Then bring it back so the rest of you can have a chance to play with it…

Gotta go and finish sewing that flag together!

Later, Sandra


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