Posted by: sandra | April 18, 2013

In the Doghouse

Could I be talking about my black dog, Abby (this is her official mug shot)


who ate my blue chair…


How about the brown dog, Brandy, who spent Saturday at the spa


only to spend Sunday in the smelly creek?

How about the latest quilt trunk show at the shop from


In the shop we have several new quilts to come and enjoy!  And of course, new patterns too!idh19smGarden Trio


Geneva’s Garden


Jubilee 2


Spring Whispers

Of course, I think of how they would look done it wool!  Yummy!

In other news…

did you know that Heidy-Idy


has a birthday next month?  She is having a BIG party to celebrate!!!!  Lots of exciting things in the work.  I do believe I have to come back and party too.

Well, off to go fill in the hole that Abby dug in the yard last night…


But, mom…I thought the blue chair was mine…Plus, Brandy dug the hole…not me…

644757_10200912973172665_1828739040_nReally mom…do I look like I would do that?

Later, Sandra



  1. Sandra,
    I found a nice quilt laid strategically over the dog hole helps a lot…..
    I had a Grand-dog eat my leather chair and ottoman Ugh!

    • Hey Jude, Happy Birthday! Yes, I believe that quilt on the back of the chair will now be “casually” draped over the arm of the chair…

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