Posted by: sandra | March 27, 2013

I know it is suppose to look like this…outside.


But, at my house it looks like this


and this!


Cold and snow and sleet and rain and wind…ya’ know, winter!


Of course, that means staying inside and doing a little quilting.

Have you ever made these little duffle bags?  The pattern is from the shop…a while ago…Sometimes it takes time to get around to things. They have samples of them at the shop too.  Once I made the first one, they were easy and kind of fun.


Look at those lovely spring fabrics, the largest one is made of vinyl coated fabric.

I finished another block from my Primitive Gatherings garden quilt…


Then, because I didn’t know what I was getting into…I made this little playhouse for a friend of mine.


It turned out really cute!  The door opens, the mailbox opens and has a place to leave letters, the windows have curtains…The pattern is from Empty Bobbin.

8011c_9.77655Pretty cute huh?

Other then that…just trying to keep my house perfect!  Had three showings yesterday, we should be coming in to season soon.


Later, Sandra


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