Posted by: sandra | March 21, 2013

Change can be good…right?

My husband and I joke around…that I like ruts. Ya’ know, the same things every day…Predictable, reliable…boring….

Perhaps then, I should not have married into the


Because there have been very few ruts along the way!

We’ve lived from




to San Francisco


to Whidbey Island


to Newport


to Omaha?!

Of course, each of those changes has brought new friends, new memories, new excitement, etc.  It is amazing how often I run across these people over the years.  When I first started working at the shop, I came across a customer, who I had known maybe 10 years before in California!    Our boys were in the same cub scout trip…

04c1f0fd96fc27b3ec3ec7a7726961c9As our family is once again in for change, with our move back to Virginia Beach…know that there are some changes planned for the shop too!

Maybe we will look a little less like this


and a little more like this.


Maybe less of this


and more of that.


However, the biggest change will be in attitude!


Continuing to fight, to keep our favorite local quilt shop going!

Because, even if you have to jump into the real world with a smart phone…


You can still have it with attitude!


Later, Sandra



  1. ouch!

  2. Like the modern fabric….just need more of it. Also let’s not forget all of us that have supported the shop all these years. We will still buy reproductions.

  3. Well said Lynn! You know me, I want reproductions too!

  4. Sandra,
    Stopped in at the shop on Sat. on the way home from the OBX to see what’s changed. Wow!!! Gotta say I was a bit stunned, kinda felt like I’ve lost an old friend…
    Truly hope it works out for the shop—but the modern trend just isn’t my thing. I echo Marcie’s “ouch!”

    P.S. Thanks so much for taking the time to write the blog. ALWAYS amusing, informative & enjoyable, but the ones featuring your dogs (and their antics/crimes) bring an extra smile! They are too cute!

  5. Hi Amy, Yes, lots of changes in
    the shop…but hopefully lots of good things to come. Of course, as long as I am there I am going to push for fabrics beyond ‘modern’. I guess there can be room for both…
    Glad you enjoy the dogs…they are sweet and trouble…

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