Posted by: sandra | February 26, 2013

Everyone needs a name tag!

What a wonderful several days at the Mid Atlantic Quilt Show!  Fun, fun, fun!

However, now having been out of the Virginia Beach area for nearly four years, let me say…everyone needs a name tag!


I talked to  so many people that I have known over the years.  I can remember  what quilt you’ve worked on, something about your kids, maybe what kind of chocolate you like…but…not necessarily your name!  I am so sorry everyone!

So, I think when I move back to Virginia Beach this spring/summer and am back working at the shop…maybe I could have customer name tags for a bit…

Yes, our house goes up for sale this week and when it sells we’ll be heading back to the Hampton area and I will be back working at the shop!!!


You all better come and visit me and the other girls!

I  stopped in the shop on Saturday, and it was a buzz!


I had to laugh because a few of the customers I knew from the Blacksburg area.


Martha and Janis had their work cut out for them, trying to help everyone at once!


I certainly had a big bag of goodies to take home from the shop!!!!


Including this yummy fabric, Noteworthy.  Soft and trendy!


Also, this wonderful new book!  Love, love, love it!  Full of nine patch projects from pin cushions, to pillows to table runners, to quilts.  You need to look for it when you are in the shop!

Now, so many people I ran into asked me about my dogs…No one knew their names…just the black one and the brown one.


Maybe they need name tags too!

Back soon with quilt show pictures!



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