Posted by: sandra | February 14, 2013

Stressed out!

This week seems to be lasting forever!  My list of things to worry and stress about continues to grow.  Yes, I know that it does NO good..but it is what I do best!

I am so ready for quilt show!  Can’t wait to run away from home and hang out in Hampton.  This year we are going to preview night, which I have never done before.  So, that means the fun starts even sooner!


Amidst all of the happenings…I am trying to sew and quilt whenever I can.  It is (usally) very calming!

Sometimes, Abby doesn’t want me to sit at my machine.  Especially since she is available to play ball.


Well, if you won’t play…I can lay on what you’re working on right?


She is laying on a huge quilt back I am trying to piece together.  Honestly, I was happy to quit working on it for awhile!

I did make this little quilt top (and have a second one almost done).  Love it!  Those little nine patches finish at 1 1/2″!!!


It is from the book


from Primitive Gatherings.

Then I finally got the borders on this quilt!


I even mitered the corners, can’t remember when I did that last.


They turned out pretty good, and it wasn’t even that hard.

Next, I worked on some name tags for our guild.


Still have bindings to finish on them.  Choosing from my huge collection of batiks…

Hope you are all having a lovely Valentine’s Day.


And, the quote for the week.


See you all at the show or the shop!

Later, Sandra



  1. Er Mah Gerd!!! I just finished the last of your quilts, I am sure you don’t even remember it … I think I’ve had it since about 1973!!!!!!!! I will bring it to the show with me as I am SURE we will cross paths or possibly wrestle for the last must have gadget 🙂 See you tomorrow night!!!!!!!!!!!!

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