Posted by: sandra | January 30, 2013

To clean…or not to clean…

Well, I have a realtor chosen

imagesand the house goes up


in a month!

So, I know I should be cleaning, decluttering, painting and packing some things away.  I also know, that I don’t want to!  (insert whine)!

So, I decided the best place to start, would be my sewing room…after all there are a lot of partial projects that could be worked on, and then packed away when they are finished…

I forced myself to finish all of the miserable borders on the Mt. Rushmore quilt.


This is a free pattern from Quilting Treasures, and I think the shop still has a few of the panels available.  I might know where to get  a kit if you need one…

Next I prepared these little banners to be stitched.


These are the last ones I need to finish in the 12 seasonal banners from Lily Anna Stitches.

I put the last borders on “Sue’s Sampler” by Hen House Quilts.


I am really pleased with how this one turned out!

Who knows, maybe tomorrow will be a good day for cleaning…

Or, if this rain keeps up, I may be doing a little building…


Have a good week, and remember


Later, Sandra

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