Posted by: sandra | January 23, 2013

Goofing off

Where did the week go? I know I must have been busy…but doing what?


Well, I guess I did shovel a little snow…Seems like we have a little more in our forecast for Friday.

Also spent a half a day at the vet


to determine that


the brown dog has arthritis, at 5 years old!  Say hello, to drugs and supplements. (The black dog is so jealous)!

I interviewed several different realtors, plan to put our house up for sale at the end of next month.

Doing a little painting…


And a lot of ebay listing!


I have, thankfully, spent a little time in my sewing room.  Goofing off!

I took a strip quilt kit and played around with a new design.


A simple strip block with an alternating square.  Then an inner border and a pieced outer border.  Just something a little different to use that kit of fabric on.  Maybe I’ll send the shop the directions, and you can try it it too.  You know you probably have a strip kit quilt in your stash…

Then I took a charm pack and played some more.


Made a bunch of four patch blocks, and a half a yard of orange to sash it with.  Less then half a yard for the outer border.  Can you tell by the colors, this one is not for me?

I finished a little English paper piecing mat.  I mixed batiks in with my Civil War fabrics!  I feel like such a trendsetter.  (Don’t tell Edyta Sitar at Laundry Basket Quilts…).

DSCN5701Finally, I made a mat to keep on my ironing board.  (It was designed to go under your sewing machine).


I wanted a place to store my scissors and ‘best press ‘ at the ironing board.  I also added that silver iron pad stuff.  So my iron might not ruin my ironing board cover so fast…Used an old piece of sewing fabric, pretty fun.

Well, I guess that is where my week has gone.  Kind of tired now, just thinking about it.


Later, Sandra

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