Posted by: sandra | December 27, 2012

A New Year Tradition!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!  We had a neighborhood party and some guests for dinner, making for a nice few days.

The weather since has turned cold, windy and a little snowy!

imagesTime to stay inside…and sew a bit!

I was reading a blog post a woman who had a great New Years Tradition!  Not a resolution about finishing old projects, losing weight, exercising, etc.  But a Tradition, one that I can certainly get behind.

Every year, on January 1st, she starts a new quilting project!

What a great idea!

Let me show you a few samples I have been working on for the shop. Kits are ready or coming soon.

DSCN5631Sorry that my photos are so dark, but it is gray and dreary outside.  No natural light…

This table runner is called Nine Patch Star and uses a beautiful brown and blue focus fabric.  And imagine this, the background fabric is a batik!  I used a batik!  I put it with other fabrics that are not batiks…and I like it!  Wow…

DSCN5628Here is another table runner, called Cotton Reels.  This one has grapes and wine motifs in the fabric.  And again, the background is a batik, a really cool batik!  You have to check it out when you are in the shop.

DSCN5627Now, if you looking toward spring, you’ll like this soft yellow and blue floral runner.  The pattern is called Simply Charming, however I chose just a few fabrics instead of a charm pack.  The shop has about 8-10 pieces of these yellow and blue fabrics, including some batiks.

Of course, if you don’t want to make a table runner, how about a strip quilt?


This is yummy, yummy flannel!  Snowmen, polar bears, penguins…too cute.  The sample is made in a baby size, but I’ve also seen it made in the larger size.  You can purchase either size kit in the store.  What a great wintry quilt to snuggle with.

Well, I hope I have inspired you with a new, New Years Tradition!

121949102379878695_XIVBozVY_bEnjoy the idea!  Sandra


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