Posted by: sandra | December 20, 2012


I can only imagine what big quilt projects I could make, if I just stayed focused on one project!  I’m sure my first Baltimore Album Quilt would be done!

imagesInstead of a few blocks from Sue Troyans applique class…

Instead, it seems I would rather have a dozen different, little projects going at once.

While at the shop this last week I picked up a wool kit that is all cut out!  As a matter of fact it includes the precut shapes, embellishments, needle and thread!  All I had to do was lay it out and start stitching, how great is that!

DSCN5619The kits are called, Grab N Go Kits, (surprise) and are available in lots of different designs.   We have about six different designs in the shop, and they sell for around $22.

Another little something I have been thinking about, is making a red and white quilt.  Ever since the big red and white quilt show last year I think many of us have been thinking the same thing.  So, I have started to collect red and white fabrics.  While at the shop I found a new collection with many red/white pieces.  Had to pick some up and play around with them.

DSCN5621I used the Easy Dresden ruler, which makes it fast and easy!  I did all of the block on the machine, including the center circle!


These rulers are available in the shop, and I think they are about $8.  Well worth it!

Look at some of the new Laundry Basket fabric I got while at the store.

DSCN5618They are beautiful, and going fast! Can you believe I also chose the batiks!

Ok, one more thing (which is why I don’t have my Christmas cards finished).  A little bit of an attempt to ‘do modern’

DSCN5620These are a few of the fabrics from the line Lucky Penny, (locally designed for Andover fabrics).  I chose a few fabrics, a very simple design and heavily quilted it with a geographic pattern.  I think it would make a fabulous pillow!  (OK, not in my house…but in a someones house).

OK, time to vacuum…


Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas!



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