Posted by: sandra | December 11, 2012

How many days ’till Christmas?

Last week I had barely made any Christmas plans, but now I am getting panicked prepared.   My husband was home for the weekend, so we were able to get our Christmas tree cut and decorated!


I also got the rest of the house decorated, at least as much as I am going to do.


Love the little mason jar with a candle and some fresh cranberries!


This is by my front door, great place to decorate!


I have not gotten my Christmas cards out yet, not even close.  But the box is filling up with those people who are better prepared then me…


A few Santas in the corner…


I even decorated Abby!  She will do anything for a treat, but she doesn’t have to like it!


Not much stitching going on.  About the only thing I’ve worked on are these little yo yo blocks.  I am in the process of appliqueing them to the background squares.  A very interesting process…


I am heading to Virginia Beach tomorrow.  Plan on working some in the shop, make a few kits, get stuff for samples, do a little shopping…Stop in and say ‘hi’ if you can fit it in your crazy schedule!

And now, the pinterest joke of the day:


Later, Sandra


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