Posted by: sandra | November 7, 2012

Can I put my jammies on yet?

Why is it, if we gained an hour over the weekend, that it is 7:00 and I feel like getting in my pajamas?  I like it when it gets dark early, but I still need my motivation!

Perhaps going an entire day without my phone ringing from a political party or polling group has me confused…

So happy to have the election behind us!

I did get quite a few things accomplished this week!!!!

I finished this little stitchery from Bareroots.  I think I bought the pattern at the Mid Atlantic Quilt show several years ago.  It can be framed in a 5″ x 7″ frame…but I haven’t gotten that far…

A big finish is Mary Ellen’s Garden by From My Heart to Your Hands.

I took the top with me to Denver and finished the applique!  I think the pattern is available at the store for about $9.

Next I worked on a few new projects from Primitive Gatherings, (they are my favorite you know).

The first is a little runner called Hootie.

Check out a close up of the cute little owl! I love it!

Next, I made a new little pincushion, called Long May She Wave.

The stripes were cut out with pinking shears, which makes a great effect.

Of course, if you want any of these patterns, just let them know at the shop and they will be happy to order them.

Tomorrow night is the big VT football game.  Town will be crazy by mid afternoon!

Well, I think now it is socially acceptable to put my jammies on.  After all, it is quite dark.

Later, Sandra



  1. That’s how I judge for jammies- if it’s dark, it’s time! But I guess you’ve noticed that plenty of people around here just wear ’em all day, even out in public… slippers and all.

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