Posted by: Holly | October 25, 2012

It’s a whirlwind out there……

Hi Gang,

Sandra is traveling this week, so I offered to write the post for this week. It has literally been a whirlwind here. I was tossed across the yard the other day just like a tumbleweed. As I was being “pushed” down & up the ditch I kept telling myself to fall, or drop, but I just couldn’t get my body to do that. We had winds over 70 miles an hour for two days. I knew I wasn’t in Kansas (I mean Virginia) anymore. Then the next day it was a sunny and beautiful fall day. Just in time for opening pheasant season. It is an amazing thing here. The whole town prepares for this. So, we decided to have an Opening Quilting Season!! Lots of food, fun, and sewing til 1:30am. Hope to have some kind of challenge with the WTFF girls soon. Any ideas?

Anyway, I am leaving for Houston in the morning. I will be working in the Quilter’s Dream Batting booth. Jennifer has been working hard with Kathy Thompson (owner) to make our booth spooktacular. We are unveiling a new product. Look for photos and info next week.

Sorry not more time to post some pictures and more exciting news. When things get tough, all we can do is remember tomorrow is another day and be thankful that we were able to get out of bed, and for that I am thankful. I am also thankful for a great staff. They have pulled together to help organize the shop so we can start bringing in new and exciting products and classes for the fall and winter.

Take care all,



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