Posted by: sandra | October 15, 2012

Babies…Babies and more baby quilts

Have you ever noticed that life goes in ‘streaks’?  Well, I am in a streak of making baby quilts!  First, I made a sample for the store that is printed minkee and solid cottons.  All boy stuff, cars, trucks, etc.  Very easy too, just big squares of fun minkee and some coordinates.  Great for a “big boy”

I also have a little thicker batting in it.  The best stuff for this kind of project is Dream Angel.

Also, it is flame retardant.  Try it in your next baby quilt, you’ll like it.

I also used some of that printed minkee to make a baby bib.

Cute, soft and so easy!

Next, I took a kit for the Ten Little Numbers book.

A very cute project with fabric and chalkboard pages.

I used the items in the kit (at the store for $56 or so), and made a wall hanging for a little boys room.

I added one chalkboard square to the quilt, but you could add quite a few.

Samples of these items will be in the store this week, kits will follow soon after!

After all the boy projects, I made a girl quilt for a baby shower yesterday.

I didn’t realize how much the picture had washed out…but it is pinks and browns and yummy!

Finally, I ended this baby streak with binding eight baby quilts for a local charity. (Only 11 more to go…).

I will say that I am getting the hang of putting binding on entirely by machine.  I didn’t think I would resort to machine binding, but I know it is super strong (and fast) for a quilt that will get washed a lot!

You may notice this post came earlier in the week then usual.  Tomorrow I’m leaving on a jet plane…

Denver, here I come!

Later, Sandra


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