Posted by: sandra | September 26, 2012

Are you jealous?

Are you jealous that the trees are starting to turn here?

Or that the fall flowers are blooming?

How about that we had our first frost this week?


How about that my sewing room looks like this?

And this?

And this?

Why you ask, should you be jealous that my sewing room is one huge mess!  That I have 15 different projects piled everywhere?  That every surface is covered with works in progress.

Because I have spent tons of time in their sewing this week!!!!  Working on a little of this and a little of that…not finishing much, but that’s ok!  Amazingly, I only started one new project!  Of course, it was small and easy.

And, that is the one project I finished…

Wool and Needle BOM from Buttermilk Basin.  This is December, obviously, love it!  I am going to make it into a little pillow.  (I guess that means it is sort of finished…).

In other news, the stars did not align this week.

So, I will not be going to Virginia Beach and the shop after all.

However, Holly arrived from South Dakota last night!  She’ll be in the shop for the next week plus.  Make sure you go and see her.  You know how she loves to cut fabric!

I guess that means I have something to be jealous of too.

Later, Sandra



  1. hey Sandra, I did drop your 2 quilts off Tuesday I was hoping to see you but I guess you are all frosted in LOL Do you still want your hubby to pick them up or would you like me to go get them and mail them to you? Just let me know and enjoy your fall weather 🙂

    • Hey Lisa, Sorry I missed seeing you! I will have my hubby pick up my quilts when he returns to Virginia Beach. He is working from home and driving me crazy! Even when he doesn’t do anything…poor guy. I will have him leave you a check. Thanks so much!

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