Posted by: sandra | September 19, 2012

First day of Autumn around here!

Yesterday it poured all day here!  Today the weather is fabulous!  Sunny and breezy and about 67 degrees!  I could live with weather like this all the time!  The trees are even beginning to change a little bit.

Let me show you what I’ve been up to this week.

I finally made a decision about the centers of my Dresden plates.  I have asked everyone I’ve ever met for their opinion!  Just had to go for it.  Two done, 28 more to go.

Mostly, it seems that I have been working with wool, or a combination of wool and cotton.

I just love this little wall hanging (10″ x 15″).  I made it for a quilting friend and it was just the right size project for a gift.  The spools on the left are cotton and the the applique designs on the right are wool.  The pattern is a series from Buttermilk Basin called By Thy Hands.

I also bought this pattern in the series. $5.95

Then check out what I did with a vintage sewing box that I bought.

The lids of the box are kind of beat up.  So I made wool mats to cove r them.  They still need to be pressed and attached, but I really like how it turned out.

Check out   to see all of the new designs!

I also went to a quilt show featuring  Martha Jane Petersen.  I believe she is 85, and started her first designs when she was about 65.

Amazing stuff, very artistic.  I sure hope I am going strong at 85!  Of course, even if I am I won’t have finished all the projects I’ve started already…But that’s a whole other story…

Seems if all the stars align perfectly next week, I made be in the Virginia Beach area.

  Of course, that will mean working at the shop!!!!  Probably picking out a bunch of samples/kits to make…

In other news we have a nest of new baby bunnies in our backyard again!  What makes a mother rabbit think that building her nest in our fenced in yard with our two dogs is a good idea?

Well, maybe because my wildlife daughter will save them…

They are so darn cute!

Later, Sandra



  1. Hey Sandra, since you are going to be in town I will definatly leave the quilts at the shop for you. Hope to see you next week. Lisa

    • OOOHHHH that is so exciting!

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