Posted by: sandra | September 5, 2012

Pick a project, any project!

My husband left on Monday, to begin his new job in Norfolk.  I am still in Christiansburg, probably through the winter.  We have to sell this house and buy one in the Tidewater area.  I’m not sure how long that will take, but in the meantime, I am quilting!

My sewing room is piled with stuff, waiting for me!  I began by working on a few UFO’s, but that won’t last.  I’ll be starting something new soon.

I finished putting together this little quilt top.  I made the nine patch blocks awhile ago, and there they sat..  When I saw this little quilt made up, I knew what I could do with some of my nine patch blocks. This project is from the book Nine Patch Gatherings from Primitive Gatherings.  Great book, especially if you love nine patch blocks!

Next, I laid out my Dresden Plate blocks.

I thought I had the centers figured out…but I can’t decided what to do.  Matching centers to the plates…all the centers the same…something else.  In the lower left hand corner you can see I have been playing around with the sashing too.  I think the sashing is too wide, but should it be scrappy or match the centers, or what????

This is the setting I am working toward.  Free opinions welcome!

In another quilting blog, the author has a vase that she is filling up with yo yos.  I have been working on yo yos for at least 6 months.  Which means I cut them out, put them in a ziploc bag, and forgot about them.  Finally, I took them out and poured them in a jar.

Then I have been really trying to work on them!

Look what I’ve gotten done in a week!

Yeah, in the meantime they look kind of cute sitting out.  (Yes Jacque, that is the peanut brittle jar…I’ll empty it out before I come and visit next)…

This is the quilt I am working toward.  It is from Kim Diehl and the book Simple Graces.

I saw it made in a shop in Minnesota in a miniature version.  It was so cute!  Something to think about…

Well, I am off to make a few more yo yos…

Later, Sandra



  1. Thank goodness………Pat will be happy to supply new jars if necessary!
    I ENVY you your FREE time.

  2. A house all to yourself … you may never leave 😉 PS I have some binding I could send you … yep its yours, 2 of 3 being finished tomorrow, I know I know you never thought it would happen

    • Hey Lisa, How exciting is that! If you want to leave them at the shop I will have my husband pick them up and leave you a check. Let me know what works for you.

  3. All the time to sew & dream up new projects you want to do next…have fun 🙂

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