Posted by: sandra | August 30, 2012

The end of the summer trip

We spent a couple of days in Fredericksburg, Virginia being tourists.  My daughter was taking a business course, so my husband and I tagged along.  We went to all of the area battle fields and Civil War sights.  I hate to admit how little I remember about any of these specific events.  But, we got a great refresher course!

The weather was sunny, hot and humid.  Just like it will be when we return to Virginia Beach…That will certainly take some getting used to.

At least there will be the beach!

Do you know how you can tell you are in  northern Virginia, and not Wisconsin?

The trip across Wisconsin was about 200 miles and took 4 hours.
The trip through northern Virginia is about 50 miles, and took about 3 hours…However, one bonus is

Starbucks is open 24 hours a day!

Another sign that you are not in Wisconsin anymore…

Fredericksburg has a tattoo shop on every corner it seems.

Now, I am home for awhile!  I may not leave my house for a month! Or a week!  Well, except for Starbucks…

I am going into serious withdrawal from my sewing machine!  I did take a minute to make a few pillowcases, they are fast and make me feel like I’ve accomplished something…

I also made this little tea towel.

I bought this kit in Minnesota, hence the wilderness theme.  The tea towel uses a border stripe and prairie points, how easy is that.  I bet Bobbi will be looking for some Christmas border prints to make some kits for the shop.  They would make great little gifts…

I did get all of my Dresden plate blocks appliqued to the background fabric. (All that time in the car).  Next I have to add the centers.  The big question, do I add the same color center as the plates, or a different color?

Hmm, I think I like them matching…

Now, I can look over all of my recent purchases, and decide what to start next!

Later, Sandra



  1. I love all the things & places you show…what a great way to travel & see new projects and not spend any money! Lol

    • Yes, I was spending money for you! I am just that kind of person!

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