Posted by: sandra | August 16, 2012

Summer Reruns

Hello all!  This summer is speeding away, and our crazy schedule is not helping matters.  We have done more this summer then the last five summers combined!

So, what that means is…

I don’t have a lot of new things to show you…Or, in other words, perhaps some of these things will be ‘reruns’.

First, I finally finished my husbands navy career scrapbook!

Or, scrapbooks as they turned out to be!  I am pleased with them, glad I did it, and especially glad to have them off of my sewing room table!

Then, one of the local quilt groups I belong to donated 31 quilts to a child care care.  What a fun group this has turned out to be.  (Thanks Jacque for all of the fabric)

I did manage to make this new little ‘snow pocket’.  My daughter -in- love likes snowmen, so I will put some little goodie in it for her at Christmas.

The pattern is free on Anne Sutton’s blog, check it out.  The shop carries a full line of wool, plus lots of buttons if you want to make one too.

Of course, the big reason I didn’t get much done this week, is because Jacque and Jude were in town visiting!  What a great time we had!  Don’t even ask about Superman…

If there was a quilt shop, yarn shop or Starbucks within 75 miles, we saw it!  Sadly, they left this morning!  Thanks for coming guys!

Guess I had better go pack though…tomorrow morning my husband and I leave for

I heard they have a quilt shop or two I haven’t been to…

I heard that soon the fall premiers will be here, and no more summer reruns!

Later, Sandra


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