Posted by: sandra | August 8, 2012

Navy Retirement…here we come…

Saturday was my husbands’ Navy retirement ceremony, reception and party!

27 years!  It was a good career and a great life.

Looks like it is officially coming to an end…

We had a lot of family and friends come in for a long weekend.  It was great to see everyone!  From Connecticut, New York, Florida, Oregon, and Vancouver BC.  We did a lot of catching up!

Cook,eat, clean, eat, vacuum, drink, repeat.

The celebratory drink was apparently quite good.

Not that I had any of it!

However, check out these chocolate truffles my niece brought!

That is my idea of a celebration treat…

By  Monday afternoon, when the last of our family left, all I could do was think about sleeping!  Perhaps for a week!

Would cuddle with that bunny if I could too!

Slowly,  I have been working on a few things, but it may be September before I really get to bond with my sewing machine.

I finished this block from Sweet Sixteen by Laundry Basket Quilts.

I also finished another block from the Primitive Garden Quilt by Primitive Gatherings.

I also appliqued a few of my Dresden Plates down to the background fabric.

Only 27 more to go…

Next week Jacque and Jude are coming for a visit!  I am so excited!!  I guess I’d better get my shopping list ready!  It looks like the store has gotten in quite a few goodies!  You know how I hate miss out on things.

Until then, I’ll try to get used to this new logo…

Later, Sandra



  1. Thanks to YOU…people don’t always realize these service careers are a joint effort and sometimes, more stressful for the spouse at home keeping things up & running without a “crew”. Military spouses don’t get the medals, but strong families make the military run …

    • Thanks for the kind words. Sandra

  2. Congratulations Rich and Sandra! Best of luck to you both! Hampton Roads is looking forward to having your back!

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