Posted by: sandra | June 15, 2012

I heard a rumor…

From what I hear…rumors are rampant around the shop!

So, I guess I will jump right in…My husband has accepted a job offer in Norfolk!

So, I called Holly…and let her know I was looking for a job…

I did hint that any “job offer” should include a Starbucks’ stipend…

I’m not saying that I can be bought, but…

So, I guess sometime in the next 6-8 months (give or take), I’ll be back to working in the store!  You know I can’t wait to get back in the action, and help you pick out your next project.  I know you are practically out of things to work on.

I am already thinking about Friday’s and kit of the day!!!!!!!!

Now, all I have to do is clean, sort, sell a house and buy a house and …Although last time we did this, our son got married during the process.  Thankfully, I don’t have any of that going on.

OK, moving on to other things.

I sent a big box of samples to the shop yesterday!

About 8-10 “super simple summer projects”.  Almost all of them will have kits also.  Sometime next week you better stop in the shop and check them out!  I will post pictures next week, once the girls have a chance to get the box.

The only thing I have accomplished, other then the samples, is this cute little penny mat.

I love sheep!  This is a pattern from Buttermilk Basin, called penny mats through the year.

There are twelve seasonal patterns, $6.25 each.  They are available at the shop, nd they are really cute!

Guess that is all I have, as if that isn’t enough.

Have a great weekend! Sandra



  1. I’m soooo happy/sad at ur news 🙂 / 😦 !!!! Very happy for u & hubster as u start ur new chapter. BUT I’ll miss ur special energy!

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