Posted by: sandra | May 24, 2012


Now that my guests have all left and my husband and daughter are both working, I have a few minutes to get back to my stitching.  Now, if I could just concentrate on one thing…perhaps I would make some progress.  Perhaps progress is over rated…

I have been (finally) working on three church banners.  They are huge!  You know when you are measuring size in feet-things are big!

The series all together will make sense.  I will show you a photo once they are all done and hanging in the sanctuary.

By the way, have you ever tried the marking pens from the shop called ‘Frixion’ by Pilot?  They are awesome!!  I marked all over this white fabric with the black pen, and it comes over so easy with a hot iron!  They are great, and come in many colors.  Try one next time you need to do some marking.

Speaking of irons…I killed mine today!  How sad is that!  I think it is about a year an a half old.  I bought a top of the line Rowenta, it worked great…for about six months.  Aghhhh!  I will probably buy a cheap replacement, as I decide what to buy next.  Any suggestions out there?

OK, focus…I did prepare several seasonal wool banners.  Love stitching on these little projects.  The snowman on the bottom will be so cute when it is done.

These patterns, once again, are from Lily Anna Stitches.

I also finally got the binding on this quilt!  This one has been in the works about 6-7 years.  Hmmm, I guess I have a little embroidery left to do too.   Hopefully I will get the label on before another six years speeds by.

This is an old pattern from Country Threads.  The original design was 27″ x 34″.  I enlarged mine quite a bit.  At the time I thought I was sooooo clever!  Of course, now I realize we all change patterns…

I’ve also been watching a little quilt that I have in a benefit auction for the Virginia Quilt Museum.  The auction ends tonight. If you want to see all of the quilts up for auction, check out their website.

This quilt is adapted from a Primitive Gatherings book.

However, the number one reason why I can’t stay focused on my stitching is because of spring Quilt Market!

I have texted Holly about a million times over the last week!  Called her a few times!  You know how I hate to miss out on any fun!  Plus, lots of blogs have pictures posted.  It is so fun to hear and see all the new things coming.  Some coming very soon!

I’ll keep bugging Holly to send photos…so far I only have this one booth photo.

This is Bareroots, cute…but a little hard to see details…

Now, this photo is from Primitive Gatherings booth.  I could have just moved in here.  Anyone want to join me?

I guess I’d better go buy an iron, so I can get back to my banners.

I hope I can stay focused at Target, because we have a new one of these at our store.

Hey, maybe that would help me focus…

Have a wonderful Memorial Weekend everyone.

We all remember what that is about.

Later, Sandra


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