Posted by: sandra | May 16, 2012

I like quilting better then gardening…

However…this has been the week of planting.  My mother-in-law is in town for graduation, and she loves to garden.  So we have put in a lot of plants!

The typical petunias in my old enamelware.  Love it, love it!   The petunias are always so happy on my front porch.  Abby and Brandy are watching the dogs down the street, because you know those other dogs are having so much more fun then they are…

Next we added dozens of irises around the flower beds, purples, blues and double pinks!

Then more day lily’s with the clematis plant.

We moved some hosta plants up to the front porch.

That is one faded out quilt under that pot…

Then we put the garden in, not too impressive yet…

But, my favorite thing of all!

When I had a few minutes to work on these flowers!  This is another one of the wool banners I bought at the Mid Atlantic Quilt Show.  I think I have five of them done…The patterns are from Lily Ana Stitches.

Holly is off at Quilt Market now…can you just imagine all the goodies she is buying for the store?  Can’t wait to see them!

Later, Sandra


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