Posted by: sandra | May 14, 2012

Congratulations Rebecca!

Wow, what a week we have had!  Sorry to be so late in posting, but let me show you why.

This week was graduation for our daughter at Virginia Tech.

We started celebrating last Sunday with all the graduates at church.

Then mid week when all of our out of town family arrived.

Then the neighborhood party with friends and neighbors.

Followed by an evening of red solo cups and watermelon margaritas.

All to get to this!

A Bachelor of Science degree in Wildlife Science!  It has been a long four years, but everything turned out beautifully!  We are so proud of her.  (and tired).

Of course, when you have a week full of guests and celebrating…what would be a better time to puppy sit a 43 pound bulldog?

This is Marvin, who spent the week with us and our two dogs.  Just so you know, we now have dog hair of every color in my house…

Yesterday, we moved our celebrating to Mother’s Day.  It was nice to have both my mother and my mother in law here!  We had a very nice brunch, and a relatively quiet day.

This is what my family got me for Mother’s Day!

A trip to any quilt store I would like!!!!!  Guess I will be making some copies of this !

Any perfect timing too, because look what just arrived in the shop!

Quilt Sampler magazine, which highlights ten quilt shops in the U.S.  This magazine is published twice a year, and is great fun to read!  Make sure you get your copy while they are in stock!  It is so worth it!

In just a couple of days, Holly is off to Quilt Market!

I wonder if it is too late to join her…I would so love to go and help pick out new fabric for the shop…Gotta love Moda at market!

Instead, I guess I will be working on a big shopping list for her…so nice to have a personnel shopper…I better get a good bribe in the works!

This would be a nice bribe…We will enjoy them for you Holly…

Actually, these is a beautiful arrangement Rebecca got from a friend for graduation.

Talk to you all soon!





    • Thanks Jude!

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