Posted by: sandra | March 30, 2012

So, what did I miss while I was gone?

We are back home after nearly a week of being with son and daughter-in-love!  We had a nice visit, and I wasn’t looking forward to coming home to the ‘real world’…

The ‘kids’ live in Connecticut, not too far from Mystic.  So, the first night we went to Mystic Pizza for dinner.

The movie plays in a continuous loop in the restaurant!

The next day we headed to Newport, Rhode Island.

It was a beautiful Saturday, pretty crowded for the ‘off season’.

We went to The Black Pearl for our favorite clam chowder!  Then drove around the mansions a bit…

This is The Breakers, it is incredible!

Next we drove by the house we lived in, 12 years ago.  Notice any similarities to the mansion?  Yea, me neither…

We had some nice walks along the water, out on the bluffs.

Of course, Roxy loved going for walks!

Viki and I  worked on several projects too.  A little bit of scrap booking and then some small sewing projects.  One trip to the quilt store, where a nice minkee kit came home with us…

With 24 hours spent in the car, where I drove my fair share! (3 hours is fair isn’t it?)  I did a lot of stitching!

I finished stitching these little wool blocks.  I have five more finished, so time to think about how to put them together.

I also finished one more block for my Sweet Sixteen quilt.  I also have another one almost done.  This is a wool block too.  Wool is very easy to work on in the car!

I also finished the stitching on this little spring piece.  The pattern called for all embroidery, but I added the wool.  Now, will I get it made into a pillow by Easter?

Now you know why I didn’t want to come back to the real world.  Since that involves cleaning, grocery shopping, errands, cooking…Oh yeah, it also involves my sewing machine!

Well, I am off to try doing some yoga…

I wonder if this little button I saw is true…

I hope you’ve had some good excitement in your week too!  Too much ‘reality’ is not good for ya’.

Later, Sandra



  1. Memories……… We loved clam chowder at the Black Pearl while stationed in Newport. Fond memories but the snow was terrible the year we were here.

  2. Welcome back! We missed ya!

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