Posted by: Holly | March 30, 2012

‘Lotta Sewin’ Goin’ On!

It will be non-stop pushin’ thread and fabric to the pedal this weekend at What’s Your Stitch ‘n Stuff. The shop will be packed with quilters participating in the monthly Sewathon and if you just want to stop by to see what projects they are working on – please do! While you are here you will want to take a peek at several new fabrics that arrived this week.

Isn’t this panel the cutest! It’s called “Down Under” by Henry Glass & Co. The companion fabrics are just as adorable.

If you are in the mood to start making some summer table runners and quilts, you will enjoy the Farmer’s Market fabrics that arrived today. These Brannock & Patek designs for Moda really do bring to mind a cold glass of lemonade and cherry pie!

Okay, there is more, but as the weekend winds down the camera has decided to take a break. (Oh – the photos are inside, the camera just isn’t cooperating.) Which means you’ll have to take a break from working in the garden or enjoying the outdoors for just a few minutes and come visit us this weekend. You will enjoy seeing the new Collections Friendship by Howard Marcus for Moda and Heart of A Nation by Williamsburg for Windham Fabrics. And then there’s the ‘lotta sewin’ goin’ on…


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