Posted by: sandra | March 21, 2012

Is it Friday Yet? Or, why am I so tired?

What a week it has been!  Fun, and hectic, and crazy, and long and fast…I guess I am not used to being busy and gone all of the time!  How did I manage it when I was working?…

Let’s see…

Saturday, a friend and I ran an all day retreat for the guild (which equals- carry stuff, teach stuff, clean up stuff…)  Then we went out for a quick drink and a big neighborhood St. Patrick’s Day Party!

Can you say green beer? (Yuck)

Sunday, after church we had a reception and violin/piano concert to attend.

Marcolivia- trying to pretend we are more cultured then we are, I guess.

Monday another friend and I ran an all day Community Quilt Project (which equals carry stuff, teach stuff, clean up stuff).  Actually very fun and productive.

Plus we worked with some great bright fabrics!

Tuesday was another all day quilting event!  Good friends and a new challenge I’ll tell you more about in a minute…

Today, the first half of the day was spent working at the local Food Pantry, followed by the afternoon working with our church quilting group!

Did I also mention that I had 16 auctions on ebay that ended on Sunday and needed to be packaged and mailed?

Did I also mention that tomorrow we are leaving for Connecticut?  10-12 hours in the car is looking kind of relaxing…

Anyway…one of the women in our Tuesday group was talking about a challenge her and her sisters are having.  They are calling it the “Just One” Challenge.  Our quilt  group adjusted it to relate to our sewing rooms…

Over the next two weeks we agreed to each clean “just one” spot in our sewing room.  A closet, a shelf, a bookcase…whatever.  Before and after pictures are required.

I chose to clean out this basket.

OK, I know it is just one little thing…but I could finish it.  This is the basket I put every single piece of paper and every ruler and lots of other odd things…Including several items I could not identify. (but kept anyway…).

Consider a “just one” challenge in your sewing room…

In other news…

I see the shop has gotten another larger order of Blueberry Crumb Cake from Blackbird Designs!!!!

This line is so beautiful!  I bought some last month when I was at the there.  This is what I have been working on…

This block is six inches, and I have a little quilt planned.  I will show you more when I get it done.  In the meantime…you will want to pick up some of this fabric!

Well, I’d better go pack…

Later, Sandra



  1. Love the little blue block.

    Just one thing, huh. I really need to try that. I walk into my sewing room, look around and just sigh. Then I wade through to the machine! 🙂

  2. I did one thing…found the floor and vacuumed it!
    I felt very productive afterward so i cleaned off the cutting table.
    This could work! Thanks for sharing

  3. Hey girl! What’s your ebay name?. I’LL BUY AND SAY i made the stuff! Franky

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