Posted by: sandra | March 7, 2012

A little of this…and a lot of that

When I returned from my great trip to the Mid Atlantic Quilt Show, I found that someone had broken into my sewing room and left it a total mess!  Unfinished projects littered every surface!  Including half of the floor!

Since the first projects I worked on from the show were wool ones… I could just ignore how I couldn’t find my cutting mat, or even a place to put it.  Well, finally, today was the day to start to work on some of those piles!

I finished the luggage tags we are using for name tags at a ‘travel’ quilt retreat next week.

(Kits are available in the store).

I quilted this little spool quilt that I brought back from the store.

Maybe tomorrow it will get some binding…(Remember When pattern, available at the shop).

I started quilting this little star quilt.

Loosely based on the pattern Madeline from Miss Rosie’s Quilt Co.

I made three needlepoint pillows for a friend at church (one to go).

I made two quilt backs for some charity quilts.

Is the room clean?  No, but so much better!  I also hope to spend lots more time in there over the next couple of days!  I just hope no one else breaks in and makes another mess!

Now, for the wool projects I’ve been working on…

Sue actually sent me this pattern from the shop awhile ago.  But, after seeing it made up at the show I had to move it to the top of the list!  The pattern is “Summer” from Buttermilk Basin.

Then, the next very exciting project!!!

This is a little monthly/seasonal wool banner and a very cute little stand.  The patterns are from Lily Anna Stitches and are called Banners of the Month.  I made the Easter banner, and figured I’d better skip to June and the sailboat.  Starting out with one for each season and then work my way to one for each month.

So, what have you been up to?

Question of the day:  When the young man at the grocery store offers to unload your grocery cart for you, does that mean he thinks you are old?

Hey, maybe he’s the guy messing up my sewing room…
Quilting ’till then, Sandra


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