Posted by: sandra | February 15, 2012

Countdown to the Quilt Show!


Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival XXIII

February 23 – 26, 2012

Hampton Roads Convention Center

Hampton, Virginia

Yes!  That is next week!!  Finally!!!

Think of all the quilts waiting for us to admire…

and to be in awe over…

then of course there are all those vendors waiting for us!

I don’t know about you…but it takes the second day of the show for me, before I get away from the vendors to see the quilts.  (Is that bad?)

To get ready for my big trip to the shop and the show I have been trying to finish some odds and ends around here.  Especially since  I want to buy quilt backs and batting while I am at the shop!

I finished this top, using some older French General fabric.  I started off using the pattern Madeline, from Miss Rosie’s Quilt Company.

Then I played around, using a photo of another quilt.  That’s where the problems all began.  I originally made lots of little stars to put in the center.

Unfortunately…I didn’t do my math correctly…and the blocks were too big!  (Not even close)! Of course, I didn’t check if they were the right size until after I made all of them!   Oh well, I think this will become a little table topper.

My next big project involves this mess!

Scrapbooking!  What is that doing spread out all over my sewing room!  My husband is retiring from the navy this summer.  I started a scrap book for him several years ago, but never finished it.  I want it done!  I decided the only way to force myself to get to it was put it in the way!  Hoping that seeing it most every day would help me get it done…I am up to 2003-only nine more years to go!  Of course, all the early years we have a ton of pictures…the last nine years I only have probably 20 photos…So, it should go fast!  (If I would do it).

So…no fabric buying next week until I finish this project!

Yeah, right.

Hope to see you at the shop or the show!



Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!  Love the new Starbucks cup!


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