Posted by: sandra | February 8, 2012

You know you might be crazy when…

you decide to make this lovely little quilt!  I must say, I am loving how this little  piece is coming all together…

But perhaps there were some little clues I missed a long the way…

Like the fact that it used 3/4″ thangles!!!!!!!!  Who knew they even made them that small?

and 1 1/2″ triangle on a roll paper!

Or that the pattern tells you the finished size is 22 inches by 28 inches!

Well, even though I can not say I will be making another of these little guys  anytime soon…I still love the way this is turning out!  I also realized I am capable of making little blocks!  This is the cover pattern photo, Charming Pinwheels by Primitive Gatherings $8.  The quilt can be made from 5″ charms too!

Apparently, I didn’t totally learn my lesson…because the quilt I just started is this one…

See all those tiny squares in the center of the stars?  They finish at 1/2″!  But hey, at least they are squares and not triangles!  This is another pattern from Primitive Gatherings called “45 and Life to Go” $8

Plus, we have some of the yummy precuts of this fabric in the shop.

Plus, I’ve heard that we’ve gotten quite a bit of new fabric in the store in the last two weeks!

I have a key guys…will you leave the lights on for me?  I so need a fabric fix!

Counting the days to the quilt show and shopping at WYSNS.

See you soon, Sandra


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