Posted by: sandra | February 1, 2012

It’s Here! It’s Here!

The new Primitive Quilts and Projects magazine has arrived in the store!

This has become my new favorite magazine.  So many great projects and pictures!

And what a surprise I had when I opened the magazine and saw this quilt.

It is called “Old Soul”, and it is from our friend and neighbor Marcie Patch of Patchalot Patterns!  Also, it was quilted my Rosemary Skinner, another shop friend!  This project has moved to the top of my upcoming projects!  Congrats ladies!

This spring issue is just full of great ideas, it is so exciting.  Make sure you check the magazine out next time you are in the shop!

Other exciting news, the ‘Moda Man’ came for a visit on Saturday.

I heard lots of new fabric is on its way!  Thankfully!  I’ll be visiting the shop in 3 weeks for the Mid Atlantic Quilt Show, save some fabric for me!

One collection I am really excited about is Blueberry Crumb Cake from Blackbird Designs.

Beautiful blues and browns…with a book showcasing it too…

Can’t wait to see all of the other fabrics coming too.

This week at my house we had our first meeting of ‘Community Quilts’, where we are making children’s quilts for kids in need in our community.

We had 8 people and made 10 quilt tops and finished 2!  Wow, what a day.

So, after that big event…the only thing of mine that I’ve gotten to…is this little, tiny tumbler quilt.  It is about 6″ x 8″.  Now, it just needs a binding.  The fabric was a pile of scraps from my apple core quilt I am “working” on. (wink.wink).

After I pieced and quilted it, I sprayed it with ‘Distress It’, to give it that old look.

This is a great product (available at the store) if you ever want to darken up some fabric.

I’m counting down to visiting  the shop, only 3 more weeks!

See you all then, Sandra



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