Posted by: sandra | January 25, 2012

New project anyone?

Sunny and beautiful here the last couple of days!  We sure have not had much of a winter! I’ve heard it is nice in Virginia Beach too.  I do hope we have a little snow this year though.

OK, not as much as we had the first year we were here.

Now that the holidays are truly over, and everyone is back to school…I think it is time for a new project!  How about you?  Well, I have an idea for you…

What if the shop has this eagle die cut…and they cut it out perfectly for you…

Just think of what you could do with it!

First, we made a table runner, simple and quick!  You could make one too.  The eagle is cut from wool felt, so it is very easy to applique, and has a lot of texture and dimension!  (Check out the sample in the shop next week).

But, what if you chose to have the eagles cut from cotton?  You could design your own quilt, perhaps based on an antique.  Like this…

Or this

Or this

Think of all the fun could have!  Oh, maybe we should have some kind of eagle challenge…I’ll get back to you on that.

Think about it, Sandra


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