Posted by: sandra | January 18, 2012

It all started with a strip…quilt

Last week I got a call from a friend who was asked to make a quilt for a local charity auction…She asked me to help make a  fun, quick project.

Enter the ‘strip quilt’. You could not ask for an easier project!

We got together and in an afternoon made a quilt using a kit from the shop.  This one is dog themed and we put some bright green minkee on the back.  Fast and yummy!  (Thanks for the kit Jacque)!

While we were working on the project we commented how much we like to make quilts for others in need.

Enter “Community Quilts”

We’ve now decided to meet monthly, at our church, to make kids quilts to donate.  We’ve invited all the area quilters, and have had a lot of positive responses!  We are going to provide all of the supplies, for as long as we can.  (Once again thanks, Jacque)!  We’ll get together to sew for half a day and see what we can get done!  Our intention is then to have all of the quilts made by our “community of quilters’, go to children within our “community”.

Perhaps some of the piles of fabric will find a good home!  I am really excited about this new venture.  Maybe your community could use this kind of help too.

In other news I  finished a little wool Christmas item for the store.  Yes, I know it is January!  But think of it as being way ahead planning for this year…and not something that didn’t get done last year…

It is a 6″ Christmas stocking with a snowman appliqued on it.  Would be cute with a candy cane and a few little goodies.

The pattern has 12 different designs, how cute are these!

A sample and the patterns will be on there way to the shop soon.

Say hello to the new dog in the neighborhood, Marvin!

Now that is a face only a mother could love!

Peace, Sandra



  1. Always ready to help…..perhaps there will be some more in February.

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