Posted by: sandra | January 4, 2012

A finish for the New Year

Last year at our local quilt guild meeting, we had a program that focused on finishing one or two “UFO”s you might have hanging about.  Last night the members revealed their finished quilts.  It was pretty impressive!  What was also enlightening hearing everyone talk about how relieved they felt to get a project finished!  Giving themselves permission to change the original ‘plan’ and do what they wanted.

Perhaps the quilt doesn’t have to be a full size bed quilt…fabulous!

Of course, Liz loves to make big quilts!

Pam’s quilt is all hand quilted, incredible!  Finished in ten months using her own pattern and designing her own quilting stencils.

Each of the members who participated won a little present for playing along. We also had a prize for the ‘biggest excuse’ about why the project was finished!  Karen had a note from her husband explaining how all the gourmet cooking and cleaning she does every day kept her from finishing…

It was a fun but short night, we all had to get home to watch the Sugar Bowl and the Hokies…perhaps it would have been better to stay at the meeting…

Well, I had a lot more pictures to share, but it appears I have now used all of our available media space on the blog…Guess I’ll have to figure out how to fix that…

Anyway, finish at least one project that you have hanging around, you’ll feel great about it!

Peace, Sandra


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