Posted by: sandra | December 28, 2011

and a Happy New Year!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!  (Lots of pressure there huh?).  We had a nice day here, I think it was the first time it was just my husband, daughter and myself.  No more getting up at 5am either!  I really don’t miss that…

Of course, we spoiled our dogs rotten!  Here is Brandy with as many of the new toys as she can get!  Poor Abby dog got a training collar as part of her Christmas present!  How mean is that!  Although she doesn’t mind…

Then we went to some friends for dinner, which meant we didn’t have to cook!  After dinner we all played Apples to Apples.

If you like board games, this is a really fun one, especially with a large group of people!

My husband has this week off, and it has sure cut down on my sewing time!  Next week he will be in Pensacola, so maybe I can catch up some then.

One thing I did get finished was this quilt top!!!!!

I bought the pattern last year at the Mid Atlantic Quilt show, so having the top finished before the next year is exciting!

The pattern is  Civil War Legacies Carriage Wheels by Carol Hopkins. $8

I am not sure if the pattern is in stock, but you know the routine…if you want it special ordered just let Sue know.

Today we took a drive out to White Gate, Virginia.  An Amish community about an hour from here.  The area is beautiful, even in winter.

It was a cold day out there, even a smidge of snow.  At least the ponies were prepared.

Tomorrow I think I will sneak away and do a little after Christmas shopping…

Hope you all have a Happy New Year!

Peace, Sandra


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