Posted by: sandra | December 21, 2011

Merry Christmas To All

Yes, I know that Christmas is still several days away…but this will be my last post before then so I wanted to wish you all a very Merry Christmas!

I have my shopping done, some of the wrapping, and am moving on to Christmas cookies.

Sugar cut outs may be the only cookies that we make for ourselves.  These are our family favorite!  This year my daughter said I could not experiment with any more new sugar cookie recipes, she wants the ‘old family recipe’…

I have been doing a little bit of hand stitching lately, as I watch

and our family favorite.

The project is wool (surprise) and lots of fun.

These are the larger ones, they are not quite finished.  They will be ornaments once they are complete.

These are the smaller ones, again not quite finished.  I will use them as gift tags, and then they can be used as an ornament.

I bought the patterns in Hershey, Pennsylvania and I will send some samples to the shop next year.  Sue won’t be ordering the patterns until then.  However, if you want one sooner let her know and she can special order them for you.

The  patterns used cotton fabric, but being wool crazy I changed mine. I would certainly make them again using cotton.  Packets of buttons will also be also available to embellish the designs. (You know you will need those)!

Then, since Christmas is still several days away…I started on this new sample too.

A poinsettia table runner from Primitive Gatherings.  This is their picture, since mine is not anywhere near complete.  Actually, it is barely even begun…Look for this new kit next year too.

With that I wish to you all a good night!

Peace, Sandra



  1. Sandra – I love the tags! My pointsetta kit is probably close to the same condition as yours!

    Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas!!


    • Thanks for the warm wishes Abby, we had a very nice Christmas, hope you did as well!

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