Posted by: sandra | December 7, 2011

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas!

I am still trying to have a “happy heart” throughout all the hustle and bustle of Christmas!  This week we decorated the tree, sent out most of our Christmas cards,  and decorated the house…all things that would have gotten done anyway…but, I only did what made me happy!

That meant not every light and ornament that we own went on the tree.  It also meant not ‘forcing’ my daughter to participate in decorating the tree.  (Both of my kids hate decorating the tree…)  My husband and I had a little music on and did it ourselves.

Putting out my favorite decorations, not every single thing…I also refused to put the greenery on the mantle.  I love the greenery, but it is a real pain to put out!  So, who needs it!!!

Taking  time to enjoy some of my favorite Santas too.  The wooden santas in the left corner are hand painted out of spindles, they are really nice!  There are a few of these available at the shop, check them out.

Working on some Christmas cookies, just not the rolled out sugar cookies with all of the frosting and decorations…But really, these are just butter, sugar and raspberry jam, so what else do you need….

I have also tried to take some time every day to do some sewing, because that makes me truly happy.  Holly sent me this kit and asked me to make it for her.  (Not on my list of things to make for myself…). It was a little bit of a challenge to make, even though it doesn’t look like it.

Hey Holly, I mailed it off this afternoon!

The shop also sells the pattern, called Ride On.

Hope you are all having a sane holiday season!

Think I will go turn on some Christmas music, and pretend that all of this ‘serenity’ is here all of the time…

Quilting ’till then, Sandra



  1. I love the quilt – do you think the shop will do kits. My husband has a Harley and he would love it.

    • I’m sure the girls at the shop would love to help you with a kit! All it is, is one black tone on tone, one white and an accent piece (orange). Give the shop a call if you want them to make you one! 757 523 2711 Have fun! Sandra

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