Posted by: sandra | November 9, 2011

Time for a Quickie?

Or, need a quick new project?

Lately, I have been really interested in traditional quilt blocks.

Ya’ know, nine patch, log cabin, churn dash and star blocks.  They just make me happy!

So, when the shop sent me some fabric and asked for some new samples…I was in the mood for some traditional quilts.  I hope you are in the mood for them too!

Out of the brown reproduction fabrics I made a bow tie quilt.  A simple block but it makes for a nice quilt.  The quilt finishes at about 36″ square.  Make the same quilt out of bright colors and you would have a simple but lovely baby quilt!

(The shop has the samples and the kits of both style quilts in the store already.)

Out of the blue reproduction fabrics I made a Puss in the Corner block.  It is about 30″ x 36″.  With the solid setting blocks this would make a great Christmas quilt using a big focus print…Both quilts are a good for beginners and well as those of us who might need a ‘quickie’…gift that is.

We just saw the movie Puss in Boots the other day…and I keep calling the block Puss in boots…

Of course, with Antonio…you can call it whatever you want…

I also pulled out my stash of Aunt Pitty Pat blocks and started working on them.

I spent two days cutting them out, and then sewing them together over the last couple of weeks.

Perhaps that is part of why I love BEST PRESS!

This is the best product for getting flat, well pressed, even blocks!

As you can tell by my stash of Best Press…I love it!  Also, I must feel the need to be prepared in case we have a world shortage of it…

Since I was on a kick for making 6 inch blocks, I pulled out more fabric and The Farmer’s Wife Sampler book by Laurie Aaron Hird. (27.99)

This book has tons of old newspaper stories, asking if you would want your daughter to be a farmer’s wife.  The articles are fun, interesting and quite insightful!  The time frame is 1922, my how things have changed…Really a great read!

This is the quilt made from the blocks in the book.

I’ve decided to finish all my Pitty Pat block, add the blocks from this book that I like and go from there.  Maybe I’ll set it this way…or maybe some other way…

I guess by looking at all of these little blocks, I know  why I feel the need for something quick…

Quilting ’till then, Sandra


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