Posted by: sandra | November 2, 2011

A Week of Dress-Up

Following Holly’s Halloween post, in South Dakota.  Let me show you what was happening around our end of Virginia.

A few little Jack o lanterns.  My daughter made them with the plastic fangs.  Weird, but different.  We also handed out packaged fangs to our trick or treaters and they were thrilled!  Easy to save the leftovers until nest year too!  Of course, we had chocolate too…

A little house decorating.  Hard to get a decent picture at night, but can you see the ‘creatures’ silhouetted in the window?

Then there was Roxy dressed as a pumpkin.

Here is Thing 1…or was it Thing 2?  You can’t really see but I made the dog a Dr. Suess bandana.  I loved all that Dr. Suess fabric, and hated to cut into it.  Even though it only took about an 8 inch square to make the bandana.

But now, for the scariest dress up of all…

Are you ready?

You might want to close one eye…

Rich and I dressed up for the Navy Ball last weekend.  Yikes!

In other news I have done a little sewing this week.  I made a project from the fall Primitive Quilts Magazine.

Last I heard the shop had three copies left.  (The newest issue should be in the store any day now.  Sue…would you please mail me a copy when it comes in?)

This is the banner I made from the magazine. (The colors are much better in person…)  It is a two piece wall hanging.  You make the base layer and then the smaller piece goes on top.  Future  magazines will have other seasonal quilts.  Too cute!  Also, it is much bigger then you might think, about 24″ x 28″.  I think I am going to hang it on the back of my front door…we’ll see.

Hope you all had a good week, with some chocolate, and some dress up, and maybe even a little bit of sewing!

Quilting till then, Sandra


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