Posted by: Holly | October 31, 2011

Candy Fairy……

Those who know me well, know that I like to try lots of new candy.  Can anyone guess what this NEW one is?

Give up?…..

Yes, white chocolate with candy corn.  I love white chocolate and I like candy corn, so I thought, why not.  Well,  can’t say as I liked it.  Normally I would say I didn’t care for it, but I really didn’t like it….sorry, but it was fun to try.

But I do like………

These have been one of my favorites since I was little.  The real hard candy, not the sticky or caramel one.  These are the best and so hard to find, so make your own……….

Delicious!! and pretty to boot!!

If there is a reason to pass out candy, then our town is all in.  We have been celebrating Halloween for 2 weeks now.  They had Trick or Treating on main street …here’s a few shots……

Sydney and a couple of her GHOUL-friends…….

Candy corn and Buzz Lightyear…….

Nightmare on PIERRE street……

Lots of folks come out for CANDY!

The devil always shows up……

And who doesn’t love a cowgirl all in pink?…….

Who took advantage of our Halloween specials today.  I know of one FURRY critter that did.  You will have to tune in tomorrow for her photo…..or bettter still, check it out on facebook.

Did ANYONE get any sewing done today?  I know I didn’t, but tomorrow is another day.


Holly by Golly


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