Posted by: Holly | October 30, 2011

Welcome to South Dakota!

We had our first “guests” at the Zuber B & B last week……

Our good friends, John & Carol made the trek out west for a visit……..

Their room awaites….(actually this photo was taken a couple of days after) I had to sneek in and take a picture.  That’s why only one bottle of water….one used and flowers are already drooping.  I assure you it was beautiful upon arrival…….

For breakfast their first morning on the farm they were greeted with homemade caramel rolls and fruit…one would think it would have been farm fresh Zuber eggs, but the chickens have been a little low on production and I have deliveries to make…….so they had to make due with this……….

Good productive days hunting for the boys….

Lots of sewing for the girls……….this was Carol’s first attempt at sewing.  She learned how to make pillowcases.  She did a great job!

Then we decided to go for a drive…..this is the way we do things in the country…..

Our backyard……..

Lots of trails……….

And dinner at the best steak house in town……good friends, good food, good times!

They did manage to make it out to the Black Hills for a couple of days to see Mt. Rushmore, Crazy Horse, and a few other “gotta sees” when out west.  It was a great week and they were planning next year’s trip before they left.  Can’t wait!!

Who’s next?

Holly By Golly


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